The Primoko Process
Every company has its process. Here’s ours.
Step 1: Kickoff. During the kickoff meeting, we’ll get acquainted, and then discuss your requirements, possible technology stack, business goals, time to market, scalability, security, success metrics, and anything else that matters. Both of our teams will leave the meeting knowing that we’re all on the same page.
Step 2: Project. During this phase, we’ll establish a schedule and milestones that account for what needs to happen, when, considering account complexities and your budget. We will also work with your technical team to see what skills you might have available to pull into the project. For instance, we might propose an architecture and 10 engineers to complete it. If you have 3 engineers available at 50% capacity, we’ll augment your team with 8 of our own engineers.
Step 3: Plan. During step three, we’ll create a detailed plan for the first few iterations.
Step 4: Go. Next, we’ll begin implementing, testing, and releasing iteratively, according to plan. We prefer to release production-ready code with every one- or two-week cycles, or sprints. As we gather feedback, we’ll work with you to tweak the plan as needed or as you require, reprioritize, and get ready for the next iteration. We’re also able to speed up or slow down on a project should the need arise.
Peace of Mind

We’ll provide detailed, daily reports so you know every day where your money is going. You won’t have to wait three weeks, or six months, for such insights. You’ll know daily. Not only that but we also bake in DevOps tools and practices in to the environment, so you get the benefit of automated and real-time notifications as code moves from development to build to deployment. As features and bugs from “to-do” to “done” in real-time. How’s that for peace of mind?

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