Mobile to Microservices

Primoko builds enterprise grade software that is elegant, durable, and shows pride in craftmanship.

Who we are

Through our engineering driven approach, we help companies leverage the power of digital technology to achieve real business outcomes and lead in disruptive times. In over a decade of our existence, Primoko has emerged as a leading and trusted technology partner for businesses across various industries.

And We've Big Brand Experience

Our esteemed customers who trust us to build their applications.

What We Can Do For You

Our expertise ranges from software application development and maintenance, to migration and reengineering to testing services. Whether it’s an enterprise wide custom application, mobile app, a complex e-commerce platform, we can build it and we can build it better! Our services can be broadly classified as follows:





We Speak Geek

We’re a software engineering firm with only software engineers. Imagine that! Yes, we do handle the sales, marketing, customer relations and other non-engineering functions, but everyone in the company comes from a technical background. We talk, joke and even make geeky memes of our programming experience This is why your engineers will love working with us.



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