Why Primoko? We speak geek.
If you search the web for "web development," "software development," or "app development," you’ll find millions of companies plying their wares.
We’re one of those millions, but here’s what makes us different.

We’re all engineers. Seriously. Even our sales, marketing, and customer relations people started as engineers before branching out into other functions. This means we all speak geek.

When you work with us, you’ll speak with an engineer.

Your Technical Account Manager will not be a sales person or even a junior engineer. In most cases, your contact will be a senior engineer, senior enough to collaborate with your CTO. If you do not have a CTO, then we are happy to wear that hat and help you to craft technology that is in your best interest, advising you as if we were your CTO and not a third party.

If you need a high level of support, we will work as if we are part of your company, not a separate, outside vendor.

We like to chase the hard engineering problems, the kind that hold companies back.

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